Hallo AmigosJ

There comes the second updateJ As usual it is quite difficult to select the events from the last week that could be interesting and worth mentioning for most of you, but I will give it a tryJ

The hammer this week was the Firmenkontaktgespräch, that is the local version of Career Days. It is organised in a little different way than the one in Bulgaria so that it is easier to organise and both companies and students can get most use of it. The fair was separated in 2 parts: in one of them the companies had the chance to interview preselected students that had beforehand applied. Although the chosen ones were only 40 studentsout of about 120 from 10 companies (average 4 pro company) the companies were satisfied mostly because of the quality of the applicants. The other part took place in the official building of the University where all of the companies just like in a typical fair had exposed themselves – products, HR policy and etc. All the students were given the chance to go around, talk to the company representatives, gather information and discuss future plans.

As I felt myself not enough prepared for an interview I did not apply for one. I visited the other part instead, trying to gather as much information as possible that is adequate for my case. That was interesting experience for me, because I still don’t feel quite confident in my german language skills. Still after the second conversation I was doing pretty good. I had the chance to talk to representatives from Ernst & Young, KPMG, BASF, Bosch, Commerzbank, Dresdnerbank and others. I hope that in the near future something interesting will come out as a result of those conversations.

One of the little things that strongly thrilled me this week was the call from my friend in Vancouver – Hugo. It is a great feeling to know that you have friends somewhere there on the other side of the world, and those friends really take care of you. That thrill almost made me cry. Thanks for calling buddyJ

I very often make associations between Hugo’s father and myself. He left Peru, where he was the chief representative of Procter & Gamble in Peru, and went to Canada, where he had to face the difficulties of the immigrant’s life… He was strong enough to get back to a comparatively high social status. I hope that I will find the strength to manage out of the average immigrants fortune and get the life standard I believe I deserve.

 The other two occasions from the last week, although not quite worth mentioning, are the parties, that took place close to my place. I visited both of them. Looks like I am getting oldL I felt extremely bored on the first one. For the second I made sure that some friends of mine (just as old as meJ) would join me so that I could have some more fun. It is a strange feeling when you observe the way the other people are having fun and this way you find somewhat childish. That time I would rather be somewhere else with my friends and discussing different issues than who how many times got drunk or with how many girls have had sex…

I am already planning my return back home. I am getting somewhat impassionate, although there is fast one month till I get home. I can’t wait to see my family, my friends and my girlfriend. I hope I will find enough time to see most of them and am pretty sure that we will have a great new years party. Till then – keep in touchJ




Hallo folksJ

As I have already mentioned, this part of my site is supposed to keep you updated to what I am doing. So if you haven’t got a mail or any other info about me just have a look here. I will try to find time at least once a week to write about the most interesting things in my day to day life.

As most of you perhaps already know, right now I am in Mannheim, Germany. I study here political science and economics. The Mannheim university is claimed to be one of the best economical universities in Germany and it is an interesting challenge to study here.

The last week is one of the most interesting I have had here. The fun started on Friday when Paco came from Switzerland to visit me and George. We prepared a huge salad and sat round the table in my room, drank rakija and chatted till the morning. Got I felt like home. On the next morning came Yolina to join us. The whole day we were fooling around the city and shared experience we had gathered during the last year. In the night there was a party downstairs and those of us who had some energy left joined it. On the other day (Sunday) the three of us – George, Paco and I went for a walk in Heidelberg. Paco was as usual unbelievable energetic and enthusiastic. By the end of the day he had to leave us and everybody had to go back to his tasks.

The other interesting experience I had this week is the excursion to Strasburg, France. It was organized by the Uni. The first part was a visit of the EU Parliament with a chance for a short discussion with one of the officers there. The building and discussion hall were quite impressing. We made some interesting photos that I will upload later. The second part of the excursion was the so called “cultural” part. We had the chance to learn a little bit more about the history, architecture and culture of the city. There was a tour guide – a very funny french guy who told us stories and showed us thing about we wouldn’t have known if we were alone. Of course there was enough free time when we could manage our own agenda and experience the city by ourselves. I would say, that my first visit to France was quite interesting and the best part of it was that some of my best friends – my sister Monika and George were by me and I could share the emotions and the pleasure with them.

I could say that the launching of this site is another thrilling part of this week for me, but you already know about it. That was a project that I had been working over already quite of a while. For the studies and other daily engagements I had no time or lust to do it. But now it is a fact. I would be very grateful if you share with me your critics and ideas so that I could do something to make the site better. Thank you in advance.

Rapport givenJ